Sow a seed Rakhi Campaign FOR GREENER INDIA


Every year nearly 62 crore people celebrate Raksha Bandhan in India and Indian diaspora; ironically these rakhis are made from plastic, metal and other non-renewable materialsends up in the garbage! creating a huge amount of wastage and pollution on Earth.

The true spirit of the festival is lost and this eventually adds more carbon footprints, hurting our environment. This made us ponder on to the issue of waste generated due to our celebrations.

#SowASeedRakhi Yatra is an awareness journey/roadshow of 1500+ km from Jaipur to Wagah Border via NCR, Haryana, and Punjab on this Independence Day/Rakshabandhan.

We will be honoring our soldiers/policemen by tying SeedRakhis crafted by FICCI FLO skilled women, along with personal THANK YOU postcardswritten by children from various schools of Jaipur.


1. By Encouraging 1 Million people to take a pledge towards a Sustainable future

“Great design is not just a solution, it is the elimination of the problem”

Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

It has three main pillars: environmental, social and economic. These three pillars are informally referred to as planet, people and profits.

SeedRakhi® is an initiative in the same. We follow a sustainable consumption pattern, from the design process to manufacturing and packaging.

The target of this campaign is to spread the message of sustainability amongst the citizens of India by reducing, reusing and recycling. We want to create an impact by reducing the tonnes of wastage & 1.18 billion tonnes of CO2, we produce by dumping nearly 620 million synthetic artificial rakhis every year.


2. By upskilling women & generating more employment for them

“Success is all about growing with others”

We at SeedRakhi® aim for a future where men and women have equal opportunities for their socio-economic development. We are proudly working with women Self Help Groups and empowering more women in the process.

We reach out to women and provide them with opportunities so that they are able to carry out their share of duties in society. Help us to support women self-help groups by providing 100+ sewing machines so that they earn fair trade by utilizing their skill sets.


3. By supporting Organic Farming

We are specifically focused on taking care of MOTHER EARTH in an ethical and sustainable manner and making sure that farming practices and farmers are respected, SeedRakhi® initiative uses cotton for its threads, sourced from farmers practicing organic farming.

We make sure that everything from the raw products and farmers, to the environment and lives of those making the rakhi, are impacted in a positive and ethical way. Support us helping them revive & preserve their land!


4. By Sowing Seeds Of Sustainability in Saplings

Our little ones are very sensitive towards nature and when guided, they become ambassadors of change. We are conducting workshops for students from different schools and colleges and building an army of young warriors by Educating them about the sustainable alternative to celebrate rakhi with SeedRakhi.

We are encouraging individuals to understand and strengthen their bonds, with their siblings and mother earth too.


5. By Celebrating Rakhi with Mother India’s Protectors with #SowASeedRakhi yatra

An awareness journey/roadshow of 1500+ km from Jaipur to Wagah Border via NCR, Haryana, and Punjab on this Independence Day/Rakshabandhan.

We will be honoring our soldiers/policemen by tying SeedRakhis crafted by FICCI FLO skilled women, along with a personal THANK YOU postcard, written by children from various schools of Jaipur.


  • Change starts with you; Purchase SeedRakhi and encourage Friends/Family to make sustainable choices. With each order, our foundation will send a free rakhi to soldiers on your behalf.
  • Take the pledge to use seedrakhi on this Raksha Bandhan here and you will be facilitated with an appreciation certificate as an ambassador of change.
  • Be our voice, share about us in your social media handles with hashtag #sowaseedrakhi #Indigifts #AmbassadorOfChange
  • Join our team for #SowaSeedRakhi awareness yatra on this 15 August.
  • Volunteer for PR, logistic, community engagement, photography or any area of expertization.


  • Corporates can support this initiative by nominating someone from their organization to travel with our team for #SowaSeedRakhi awareness yatra on this 15 August.
  • Founders/ Leaders can encourage their team to make sustainable choices by purchasing seedrakhi kits or gifting to customers/staff on the company’s behalf.
  • Can sponsor/donate to make India a greener better place.
  • Become a partner for Travel, Food, Vehicle, Media, FM or nature of their business as per the need of the campaign
  • Can endorse seedrakhi concept in the network of clients, customers, and citizens in general.


  • NGOs/Foundations can partner with us by helping us empower women self-help groups + organic farmers.
  • NGOs can help us improve public awareness about sustainability.
  • They can help us establish credibility and relationship with local groups practicing crafts. We can provide skill training and fair trade opportunities.
  • We can collaborate with regard to various SeedRakhi programs in jointly agreed activities to implement our targets & philosophy.

Be our voice, share about us in your social media handles with hashtag #SowASeedRakhi #Indigifts #IndifamilyFoundation #AmbassadorOfChange #AmazonWings